Yatra to Hampi – day 1

14 Responses to Yatra to Hampi – day 1

  1. shashi

    Beautiful photography, especially the reflection of rock on water, good to see students, teachers enjoying.

  2. Manjunath B S

    Which class are these kids? They seem to be having a good time, like the rapport they have with teachers.

  3. Rashmi

    Truly Commendable efforts by whole team… Kudos to Purnapramati

  4. R. Uma Shaanker

    Again simply fantastic photographs. I wish I was there. Looks like, both the students and staff had a very good outing. Keep up the good work and walk.
    Uma Shaanker

  5. Rachana

    Very beautiful photos anna
    You could have added other nice photos which u had captured

  6. Shashirekha.M.G

    You have made our trip experience eternal Bala !! Good Job

  7. Swetha vasudeva

    Nice photographs balanna.

  8. Pushpa Pothugunta

    Great…really beautiful. Hats off to team Purnapramati.

  9. Raghuram

    Vijayanagara samrajya innu iddare hegira bahudittu !!

    these are 7th and 8th grade students

  10. ManjulaRavi

    Very nice photography. Rohit is able to explain and remember each event.

  11. Arathi V B

    Lovely pictures! PGood choice of Place and location to showcase to children. I am sure the narrations of Vijayanagara samrajya and samskrti alongside the visits, would have floated across the kids’ minds, vibrant puictres of the past glory.

  12. padmanabha

    excellent photography of balachandra anna
    in this photography the most i liked is a picture of black mouth monkey
    it is so beautiful

  13. Aditi.m.r

    Super photos Balanna…Awsome background’s.

  14. maanya

    i liked the pics lot ,they are superb

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