Nature walk to Chinniga hills & Nama Chilume

7 Responses to Nature walk to Chinniga hills & Nama Chilume

  1. Swetha vasudeva

    Photos tumba chennagide,but innu jasti photos hakbekittu.

  2. shashi

    vividha bhaavanegalannu chennagi sere hididdher,dhanyavadha

  3. Geetika Goel

    lovely pics. I wonder how long was the trek. Close-up of the animals and natural elements are captured really well. But we need your trademark photos also – children’s closeups and their emotions.
    Anagha was extremely happy with her trip, specially when a tiny butterfly came and sat on her leg.

  4. Raghuram

    the lizard faced animal what u see is a skink and not any other animal

  5. prashanth avadhani

    Hi Akka/ Anna,
    Very Happy to see the children photos , the last photo is ultimate what a scenery ,kudos to photography team. Next time if possible please include Parents ,we would love to associate with PP team.
    Prashanth Avadhani

  6. Viay Koushik

    Yendinathe, adbhuta chaayagrahana!! Abhinandanegalu.

  7. Geetha Suvardhana

    Superb photos!!!
    cannot wait to see how kumaraparvatha will be captured in your camera!!! 🙂

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