Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary

7 Responses to Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary

  1. Shrinivas Gangoor


    Keep Growing and reach the destination…

  2. Geetika Goel

    Awesome pics. Kids and grown ups seem to be enjoying the place equally!

  3. shashirekha manur

    Moods captured wonderfully Bala. Your birds photos can be sent to International competitions. Congrats on your skills.

  4. JN Prasad

    Fantastic pictures. Great time to introduce kids to nature and teach the classroom syllabus outdoors, students retain the information much longer in life and associate with nature.

  5. D V Seshadri

    Nice pictures ….hope each one of you enjoyed every minute!!!

  6. Jeevandhara Kumar

    Very Pretty Pics………… Nice to see the kids Enjoying & Educating themselves, watching Birds etc; Good that you had Mr Shivu to help you out. I’ll be on my Routine Visit to K. Bellur shortly, this time taking Mr Nagendra Bhat with me, for whom it’d be a maiden visit.
    Please do bring the kids to Ranganathittu & Karanji Lake.

    Thanks for inviting me to view the gallery.

    – Jeevandhara kumar

  7. raghavendra sindhnoor

    its very fantastic pictures and all kids enjoyed so beautiful.

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