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वन्दे तं त्वा सुपूर्णप्रमतिमनुदिनासेवितं देववृन्दैर्वन्दे वन्दारुम्
In addition to highly capable regular faculty at Purnapramati, the School is fortunate to avail the services of rare experts in several fields of education. Each individual in an elite group called Purnapramati Vandaru Vrunda, a group of Doctors, Mathematicians, Artists, Social Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Sanskrit Scholars, Educationists, and Expert Teachers, visit the school for a certain number of hours every week. These members of the visiting faculty fraternity provide the kids with their unique experiential wisdom and wide exposure to specialized fields. They complement the regular faculty, by providing new perspectives and teaching a specific portion of the regular curriculum. Purnapramati is proud to host this program, one of the rarest of its kind.


Purnapramati believes that the real goal of child centric development can be achieved only through a collective participation of all the stakeholders. The participation of the parents in all activities of the school is highly encouraged. It includes volunteering of organizing Purnapramati events, taking part in Vandaru Vrunda etc. In addition to such occasional events, a new idea – Guest Parent – is conceived to ensure a consistent engagement with parental community. As a part of this program, the school invites one parent each day to take part in the school assembly. This program is primarily an activity to include parents in Purnapramati ethos. It provides insights to parents on the live functionality at Purnapramati, which will never be captured in a report. It is also a platform for parents to express their thoughts to the School.

इह सत्यवतीसुतं हरिं परिपूर्णप्रमतिः समैक्षत
Purnapramati Sameeksha is an annual event conducted at Purnapramati, where a comprehensive assessment of child development is carried out by Sameeksha Team. The team will include mentors and experts in education, invited from both traditional and modern circles. Each member of the team called `Prashnika’, will interact with each child to provide a detailed report/feedback to the school. Prashnika focuses primarily on:
– Alignment with the vision of Purnapramati.
– Academic excellence
– Philosophical insight in each subject
– Integrated/Holistic progress of the child
– Identification of Svadharma (Innate Specialty of each child)


To gradually equip the kids for external competition, a controlled exposure will be given to competitions that are deemed age-appropriate and non-detrimental for psychological growth of young kids. A special test ASSET, a reputed national level test conducted by Educational Initiatives, to assess the acumen of conceptual understanding, irrespective of the curriculum followed, is also being introduced for kids of 3rd standard and above at Purnapramati.


We believe that classroom learning is augmented by learning outside the classroom through fieldtrips based on different topics and interactions with professionals thus linking the curriculum with the real world.


Purnapramati celebrates national holidays through Community Service Programs. This program helps students to not only understand their community but also contribute to its sustainable development. The emphasis will be on clean environs. The students will take active role in inculcating environmental awareness among citizens. During the process, various values such as social consciousness, empathy, interdependence, leadership qualities etc. are instilled in the students.

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Pūrṇapramati is recruiting teachers

Pūrṇapramati is recruiting dedicated research oriented teachers for 1 to 10 grades and pre-primary Montessori.


Registration is open for the next academic year

Purnapramati opens its registration for the next academic year: November 2017 and June 2018-19. Applications are being issued. Kindly help spread the word to interested parents.

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