The events at Purnapramati are unique epitomes indicating the blend of ancient culture and contemporary needs. The students are given an exposure to the philosophical background of culturally significant days by operationalizing the celebrations to contemporary needs.
1) Bhaageerathi Jayanti (Environment Day)
2) Gurupurnima (Teachers’ Day)
3) Hayagreeva Jayanti (Knowledge Day )
4) Vamana Jayanti (Children’s Day)
5) Dhanvantari Jayanti (Public Health Day)
6) Vanapuja (Forest Day )
7) Gita Jayanti (Spiritual Day)
8) Sita Jayanti (Mothers’ Day)


Purnapramati celebrates a week longannual festival in the middle of second term. In this event, called “Purnapramati Utsava” the kids at Purnapramati are given an opportunity to showcase their talent in varied fields like Mathematics, Humanities, Arts and Sports. On each day, celebrations will be on a specified field.  Dignitaries and experts from respective fields will be invited on every day to interact with the kids. A grand public event, called Purnapramati Mahotsava, will be held on the concluding day.


Pursuing its special characteristic of “action research” Purnapramati is active in educational research, especially in the field of integrated education. This is a platform which feeds theory to practice, and practice to theory. It grooms the teachers as practicing researchers. In lieu of this, the School conducts regular research seminars in the field of education under the banner “Purnapramati Vyakhya”. It also acts as a knowledge exchange program for researchers in education elsewhere.


As a part of Purnapramati Utsava, the School honors a special individual every year through “Purnapramati Samman”. Purnapramati identifies and honors a person who has done significant work in integrating ancient and modern systems. It is believed that such great individuals would become role models for Purnapramtians. This is an exercise to show our respect to great souls, and is obviously not an award to them.

The first samman was honored on Sri Rajendra Singh, Waterman of India from Rajasthan, Winner of Magsaysay Award, in respect of his efforts to preserve our rivers through traditional methods of water conservation. His efforts demonstrate that a holistic approach, which integrates traditional and modern systems, is better suited to address contemporary challenges.


इह सत्यवतीसुतं हरिं परिपूर्णप्रमतिः समैक्षत
Purnapramati Sameeksha is an annual event conducted at Purnapramati, where a comprehensive assessment of child development is carried out by Sameeksha Team. The team will include mentors and experts in education, invited from both traditional and modern circles. Each member of the team called `Prashnika’, will interact with each child to provide a detailed report/feedback to the school. Prashnika focuses primarily on:
–    Alignment with the vision of Purnapramati.
–    Academic excellence
–    Philosophical insight in each subject
–    Integrated/Holistic progress of the child
–    Identification of Svadharma (Innate Specialty of each child)

Notice Board

Pūrṇapramati is recruiting teachers

Pūrṇapramati is recruiting dedicated research oriented teachers for 1 to 10 grades and pre-primary Montessori.


Registration is open for the next academic year

Purnapramati opens its registration for the next academic year: November 2017 and June 2018-19. Applications are being issued. Kindly help spread the word to interested parents.

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