PURNAPRAMATI EVENTS:  (YEARLY) The events at Purnapramati are unique epitomes indicating the blend of ancient culture and contemporary needs. The students are given an exposure to the philosophical background of culturally significant days by operationalizing the celebrations to contemporary needs. 1) Bhaageerathi Jayanti (Environment Day) 2) Gurupurnima (Teachers’ Day) 3) Hayagreeva Jayanti (Knowledge Day ) […]

Special Features

PURNAPRAMATI VANDARU-VRUNDA (VISITING FACULTY PROGRAM): वन्दे तं त्वा सुपूर्णप्रमतिमनुदिनासेवितं देववृन्दैर्वन्दे वन्दारुम् In addition to highly capable regular faculty at Purnapramati, the School is fortunate to avail the services of rare experts in several fields of education. Each individual in an elite group called Purnapramati Vandaru Vrunda, a group of Doctors, Mathematicians, Artists, Social Scientists, Entrepreneurs, […]


Students in the age group of 2.5 to 3.5 years are eligible for admission to entry level Montessori. Montessori sessions start twice a year, once during June and another during November. Application forms are given during September and November respectively. Interested parents can contact or call us at 080-26720077/080-26743040 n


ANANDAKANDA(MONTESSORI) CURRICULUM Pre-primary education is a three year program. Purnapramati uses Montessori method at this stage. In addition to modern training students of Purnapramati will be exposed to Indian culture and heritage, trained for conversation in Sanskrit and memorization of Sanskrit rhymes.

One to Twelve

CURRICULUM The school will have an integrated curriculum comprising of both classical and modern systems. For modern subjects like English, Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences, the school will refer to National/International Curriculum Frameworks and identify suitable textbooks/worksheets to ensure quality on par with any national school. For classical subjects, the school will use curriculum adopted by […]


Vision of Pūrṇapramati is to provide integrated learning to all sections of society. This may not be possible within the scope of regular learning. To enable students from other schools, parents and any other interested people, we would like to offer variety of out-reach programs. CAMPS Summer and Winter camps are conducted to give complete […]

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Pūrṇapramati is recruiting teachers

Pūrṇapramati is recruiting dedicated research oriented teachers for 1 to 10 grades and pre-primary Montessori.


Registration is open for the next academic year

Purnapramati opens its registration for the next academic year: November 2017 and June 2018-19. Applications are being issued. Kindly help spread the word to interested parents.

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