TEDx Talk @ IIMB – The concept of Pūrṇapramati

Srinivas Guttal, Founder, Pūrṇapramati School, explained the concept of Pūrṇapramati in his talk. He shared his experience of running an experimental school in Bangalore-India for the last 20 years and spoke of the need to protect “rich ancient knowledge”. Highlighting the success of a project to rejuvenate river Kumudvati near Bangalore, he said this was possible because of the involvement of the student community. Sreenivasa is part of a founding team of an alternative integrated learning center, Purnapramati, whose vision is to identify and nurture the Svadharma (natural and individualized diversity) of each Pūrṇapramati-iya through integrated learning within and across Ä€dhibhautik (physical) Ä€dhidaivik (mental) and Ä€dhyātmik (spiritual) dimensions for BÄ«ja-rakṣā of Paramparā (preserving the seeds of traditional knowledge and values)

6 Responses to TEDx Talk @ IIMB – The concept of Pūrṇapramati

  1. Archana P R

    Inspiring and Informative. Proud to be part of Purnapramati as a parent.

  2. harisha

    It is very insightful talk.looking forward to see how our kids are groomed under this value system.


  3. Raam

    I liked your talk Srinivas anna. All the important messages were wonderfully capsuled and delivered.

  4. R.srinivas

    It was really nice to watch Mr. Srinivas being featured on TEDx talk.
    He concisely elaborated on the influences and thought processes that led to the key foundation for PurnaPramati’s existence.

  5. Sahana Waikar

    It was very fantastic to be hearing from the Purnapramati Family.
    Lucidly, lots of points covered in the stipulated time.

  6. Sumanth Katti

    Outstanding. wonderfully delivered.

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