Yatra to Hampi – day 3

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  1. Suma Gururaj

    Beautiful Pics. Nice to see the children thoroughly enjoying their trip.

  2. Bindumadhava

    Really very nice photos… wonderful clicks. makkaLige nijavagalu adbHuta anubHava..

  3. Geetika Goel

    Very beautiful pics….Kids and grown-ups have enjoyed equally well.

  4. Sriram

    This is the sweetest part of Purnapramati….. I fully felt the joy, the thrill, the strain, the hunger and what not by just seeing these photos? I remembered the trips I attended.

    Great work by Balu as always!!!!!
    Purnapramati rocks amid rocks!!!!!

  5. ManjulaRavi

    Very nice photography Balanna. How is that 1st day rock photo has taken? Looks like it has taken from helicopter.

  6. shrinivas & Jayashree gangoor

    Excellent photos
    Really Kids are enjoying their presence.

  7. dr sharada

    The photos explains everything about the trip.Children of PURNAPRAMATI are blessed.No words left.Indeed the photography is SPLENDID.Balanna ,great,hats of to u.Thanks to the entire team to give children such an experience and exposure.

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