Yatra to Hampi – day 2

9 Responses to Yatra to Hampi – day 2

  1. Dayananda

    Fantastic photography.
    All photos deserve to be nominated for national and international photo competition( Not an exaggeration).
    Very few among the Bangalore big population enjoying the wonderful education and environment. It is an irony.
    Compliments to Purnapramati team.

  2. Girish M P

    Really nice pictures…..
    Best part the way students enjoying the trip, we can make out they not only enjoying the trip but also learning many interesting facts about our history, culture and architecture…..please continue the good work

  3. Arathi V B

    Awesome photos. the angles, timing, aesthetics and everything in the pictures, the picnic moods captures and the hearty laughter of the kids are all commendable. Hats off to photographer! Abhnandanaani Purnapramati!!’

  4. shrinivas & Jayashree gangoor

    Really wonderful and excellent photos.
    hats off to Photographer.
    really these photos are on par with best national level and international level competation quality.

  5. Hari Prasad

    Wonder struck by the beautiful photohraphs!!. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. n,ganesan


  7. Aditi.m.r

    Balanna beautiful pictures of Matanga hill.

  8. maanya

    i just loved the first few pics

  9. pavani

    Awesome photography by balanna. Really amazing photos which has made the students know about many unknown facts of those places….. totally it’s an amazing educational trip…….

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