Sports Meet 2014 – 15

14 Responses to Sports Meet 2014 – 15

  1. Manjunath KALAMANGI

    Excellent lively pictures….When I went through all the pictures, I felt the event was happening again 🙂

  2. Manjunath B S

    Super awesome!! Nice to see kids, parents and teachers so happy..

  3. Raghuram

    the moods are captured very well. its a pity that i could not attend

  4. Shrinivas Gangoor

    Excellent Photos ,Excellent contribution of team work and refreshed our
    Child hood school compitations.

    Thanking you all

    All the best

  5. Geetha Suvardhana

    You have a special eye and knack for capturing those special moments….From your work its evident that u enjoy doing that

  6. Sandhya

    Wonderful photo!!!!! Natural expression of almost every child is captured.

  7. Latha

    Excellent job !!!! Excellent job !!!! Excellent job !!!! that is what we can say about photos.

  8. vaidy

    Very well organized and mood at the venue of kids were simply awesome to watch ….

    I enjoyed the events which were played in high spirit by everyone..

    Finally, great photos 🙂


  9. Srinivas Babu K K

    Its well organized. Nice participation by all. Children enjoyed the event. Also it was a good outing for parents.

  10. S Jayateertha Joshi

    Excellent pictures taken…Sequencing is good too.


    keep the spirit on………….
    Good planning and excellent execution.
    God Bless……….
    Keep up the good Job.

  12. Geetika Goel

    What an awesome day it was! High spirits, happiness spreading through each and every person on the field. Participants and organizers put in a lot of hard work and it showed. Cheery on the cake was participation by teachers in the events. And each moment so well captured! Great work!

  13. vageesh Hulgi

    Excellent Photos which makes us remember our good old days

  14. Madhva

    Very nicely captured . Event was really good, though I felt sports meet should be for 2-3 days.. so everyone can really do their best. Hope to see Footbal and some team games coming years.. Thanks

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