Shri Krishna Janmashtami – 2014

6 Responses to Shri Krishna Janmashtami – 2014

  1. S J Joshi

    Wonderful Pictures of kids.

  2. Vijay Koushik

    Yeshtu nodidaru mattomme nodona yenisuthe. Makkalige abhinandanegalu.

    Intaha kaaryakramavannu aayojisida shaaleya sibbandige vandanegalu.

    Chaayagrahakarige vishesha dhanyavaadagalu.

    Purnapramati innashtu yeshasannu kaanali endu sahrudaya haaraike.

  3. Sheshadri Paa. Raa. Rao


    It is a rare and unique opportunity for the children of this generation to have their career built in a mould called PoornaPramathi. These todes in the form of a raw ore are brought to an anvil called PoornaPramathi, melted in the warmth of teachers’ care and affection, filtered in the mesh called PoornaPramathi’s principle (principal?), and then poured in the mould called PoornaPramathi’s goals.

    It is a phenomenal effort by the management, teachers, supporting staff, and those explicitly and implicitly involved in running this holy show where they exhibit quality and adhrence at every step.

    Others schools must benchmark with PoornaPramathi in learning the tools of maintaining our culture but thinking scientifically.

    Sheshadri (F/o Rukmini-M2)

  4. Chitrashree B N

    Simply Superb. Reminds us of our childhood days when we dressed up as Radha/Krishna. Thank you purnaprammati

  5. Rashmi

    A Nandanavana having Radhas n Krishnas aplenty… Lovely Pics. Thank you Purnapramati

  6. Madhva

    This is bhu-vaikunta

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