A trip to Nandihills

10 Responses to A trip to Nandihills

  1. Sreedevi

    I think you people had a great time and nice experience!!! I envy you!!!!
    Sreedevi Padaki

  2. Vijayasarathi Anandateertha

    The pictures of children cleaning an abandonned well filled with plastic waste must put every irresponsible adult to shame.
    Great job children!

  3. Soumya

    The cleaning up of the place after knowing its importance must have invoked a great sense of responsibility in the minds of the kids.
    The effort and the initiative from the teachers and management is commendable and invaluable.
    Thankyou very much.

  4. Subbaramu

    No words to express. Equal responsibility from Management, Teachers, Organisers and Children.

    I doubt if the people who were responsible for throwing the garbage around would be ashamed if they saw the fantastic children cleaning their mess.

    This again was visible when several groups of college students were cleaning the vegetable (read KR Market) market week after week and the vendors were humiliating them, an initiative of BBMP a few weeks before.

  5. Geetika Goel

    The photos look excellent. The kids have managed the trip in such a disciplined way. Kudos to the teachers for instilling that in kids.

  6. Chaitra

    Proud of the children, management and overall focus of Team Purnapramati !

  7. Devanand

    Nice pictures. this is the best way to learn and inculcate a sense of respect for our environment . Best wishes.

  8. Ravindra Ghatikar

    I liked the photos and was very happy to see the photos where you cleaned up the place which was filled up with waste bottles, good initiative and good learning to the students also. Keep up the good work.


  9. Shrinivas Gangoor

    The Trip along with social responsibilities,undrestanding the nature,its benefits to the future i.e Kids are well shown by this Trip

    Really we missed our childhood not having this kind of programs done by Purnapramathi.
    we seeing and feeling through our Kids.

    Thank you very much

    Jaya-shree-nivas gangoor

  10. Sripriya Sridhar

    Absolutely speechless! Amazing about the civic and social responsibilities of the children and kudos to the teachers and the management who inculcates good sense in them.

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