A Blissful Day in Vivekananda Park

7 Responses to A Blissful Day in Vivekananda Park

  1. Vijay Koushik

    Chandavagide, dhanyavaadagalu

  2. Panikumar

    Thanks a lot for capturing and sharing wonderful pictures…..

  3. Latha

    Super Balanna, bhvanegaLannu sere hiDiyuvalli neevu samartharu.

  4. Chidananda

    Everything is nice but always our child is not visible in any photos. Please every parents wants to see there child also involve in program photo.

  5. purnapramati.in

    Really appreciate your concern. We sincerely try to upload photos covering all the kids, in-spite of that few are missing. Will take care next time.

  6. Uma

    Thank you Balanna for capturing the beautiful moments. I love these little eyes and the way their innocence have been captured.

  7. Rashmi

    Dear Team,

    This is one of my most memorable moments in life for having been given an opportunity to join u all for a day out with these lovely kids.

    Truly a memory to cherish.

    Lots of wishes to Purnapramati team

    Mother of Rithvik Belavadi
    Rashmi 🙂

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