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  1. chaithra simha

    what is the reason 4 celebrating vaamana jayanti itself as children’s day, when v r having krishna jayanti also?


    We are not celebrating Krishna Jayanti separetly. Instead, Vamana Jayanti is celebrated as Children’s Day

  3. s.v.ramani

    Vamana Jeyanthi Brihmosthavam is done at the Ulagalandha Perumal Koil in Singanallor Coimbatore for 10 days ending on Vamana Jeyanthi day with a car procession. THe deity is a 3 feet high panja koga idol originally said to be from Kanchi of about 2000 year age taken by Thippusulthan who on his way back was prusuaded by the residents of the then village called Vedapuri to give to them. He is said to have given the idol after breaking one finger of its eight hands. It is a beautiful idol. The temple is a public temple but privately managed by the priest to avoid the greedy
    H R&CE officers.

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