pūrṇapramati Utsava 2013 – Inaugural Day

The eleven day Utsava celebration was launched at Kalasaudha in Hanumanthanagar on  2nd Jan, 2013. Achieving the organisers’ intent, the day rightly set the temperament in the audiences for the following 10 Utsava days.  It was a three hour program with the guests His Holiness Sri Harshananda Swamiji, president of Ramakrishna Mutt, Bangalore, Dr Yogananda, an expert in alternative constructions and Dr. D Prahladacharya, former vice chancellor, rashtriya samskritha vidyapeetha, tirupathi.

The 3rd grade children danced ಭರತನಾಟ್ಯ for ದೇವತಾ ಪ್ರಾರ್ಥನಾ songs in the beginning of the program. By lighting lamp, the guests brought in godliness to the program. Kids of pre-primary then sang Kereya Neeranu Kerege Chelli, a little song that embodies the essence of both science and philosophy of conservation of water(nature); a song that is compulsory  to the student of Carnatic  music . For the next event of the day, primary children sequentially demonstrated the glimpses of the utsava days that would trail. Pre- primary kids then enacted Tittibha nataka in Sanskrit chosen from the Mahabharatha. This was followed by their performance in the Gajendra-moksha drama. The story was in the form of a poem which described the loveliness of the forests, rivers and the animal dwellers. It enchanted the audiences by conveying the might of Vishnu Bhakti. As the next event, the primary children sang ಮಾನವ ಬರೀ ಸ್ವಾರ್ಥಿಯಾದೆಯಲ್ಲೊ ದಾನವ rebuking the present-day attitude of man towards nature. The final event of the day by the kids culminated with the popular song मिले सुर मेरा तुम्हारा  which through the greatest voices of the country conveys the beauty of harmony among the people of varied cultures, regions, religions and languages of India. While the song was being played, children and teachers of Purnapramati gathered together; some of them in saffron caps, some in white and the others in green. The show moved many from their seats gaining a big applause.

After the children’s performance the guests spoke to the gathering. Sri Swamiji appreciated the program and acknowledged the kids and the team for performing wonderfully and successfully delivering the message “River is Life”. Supporting the theme, he added a few words insisting that man must understand the three entities of the Universe: the nature, the lives and the Lord as the controller of the nature and the lives. “God has blessed us with the nature of which water is a chief unit. Without water life cannot sustain. So it is necessary that humans understand the sanctity of rivers and act piously. Purnapramati seems to be educating children accordingly. My best wishes to the school.” he added.

Sri Yogananda addressed the gathering comparing the fast technologies with the slow technologies that exist. He recollected his childhood days when he used to daily fill a drum for the day’s water before going to school. He also said that earlier when families could manage with a single tap at the house, the need for the facility of attached bathrooms in every modern house is really questionable. He ended his talk expressing his support to the school’s activities.

Sri Prahladacharya  addressing the assembly said that a child’s mind is like fertile soil. What grows in it depends on what the elders seed. Purnapramati really appears to be aware of this and is working for it. He also said that rivers are the most pollution affected in India over the last two decades. “I don’t remember an instance when I carried a water bottle while travelling during my young age. But now, since last fifteen years, one cannot think of travelling without a water bottle in hand. We cannot trust water as fit for drinking anywhere outside. Such is the situation of our country” he said.

He appreciated Purnapramati for its effort in bringing awareness in the children about such situations. He appealed to the gathering to support the institution.


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  1. Laxman Hegde

    I really liked the ideas of your integrated learning. I myself a teacher of mathematics in a college in USA for the last 30 years. I will find out more about your schools how we can become part of your school–in the sense of donation or otherwise.

    I speak Kannada (from Banavasi).

    with wishes and God’s grade to your efforts

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