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My first program – Yakshagana

    It was evening 5.00p.m., on May 21st at Ravindra Kalakshetra.  My friends were busy chatting with each other.  I was  busy learning the dialogues of the story Abimanyu Kalaga.  This program was held on May 21st because of the inauguration of the new institution.  This Yakshagana act was based on the Mahabharatha story.  Hundreds of people had gathered with several VIPs.  I was surprised to see them.  My neighbours were also present to cheer me up.  Some foreigners also entered backstage to see the wonderful and colorful costumes of Yakshagana.

      After ten minutes, I felt hot and itchy because of the makeup on my face.  I was reading line by line the script that my teacher had given two weeks back and was tensed as it was my first program.  Some of my friends also felt uncomfortable in their thick costumes.

      The audience were waiting eagerly for the program of the children.  At last the act started at 6.00p.m.  As it rained heavily, the temperature dropped and we all felt cool.  Inspite of the rain, people were watching the program eagerly.  When I stepped on the stage, the fear that I had before disappeared.  I felt very proud of myself as I was performing in front of a huge audience.  I heard people encouraging me as I performed as Abimanyu, which was the main character in the story Abhimanyu Kalaga.  All of us remembered our dialogues and put up a great show.

Shrihari, Class IX

     Finally, the act finished at 10.00p.m.  Everyone wished me and some people also gave me books.  My parents were very happy.  I was honoured with a prize by the M.L.A.  and I felt very proud and happy.  I will not forget that day in my life. I enjoyed the Yakshagana and that was the most memorable day of my life.

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