The word ‘COLLEGUE’ seems to be formal in ‘Purnapramati’. Here we call each other as ಅಣ್ಣ / ಅಕ್ಕ . We have a feeling that we all belong to one family “Purnapramati”.

  In my five years of journey in “Purnapramati” there is a special bonding with all the teachers. Everyone has the quality of helping each other, many times I discuss queries with them and always they are ready with some suggestions and solutions.

Even though there are many senior and experienced teachers, they are always there to support and motivate me to move further. I still remember my early days in Purnapramati when I was handed over the responsibility as a class teacher. At the end of the year we were supposed to submit the annual report and this was a new experience to me, I remember Geetha akka, Balanna and Meena akka who stayed back till 6:00 pm with me in school and helped to complete my work that was the day I realized how helpful and dedicated everyone here is, keeping aside their personal work.

In my last two years after completing elementary training it was a very big challenge to me to introduce this system to students. At this time I got lot of support from my environment teachers- Smitha akka and Ranjitha akka. Now I am very much comfortable and confident teaching in this system.

One of the other moments I always look forward is ‘Mahotsava’. This is the time we all teachers come together and enjoy. Our Principal Shashirekha akka motivates me with her talks and I can see a change in myself from day one of joining Purnapramati till now. Here even our management members are easily approachable. Lot of impetus is given to see that even teachers grow, by exposing us to various training programs- both academically and personality development. In addition to this with many programs like Tatvachintane are devised with the view of helping us grow spiritually. Working with “Sudha Pandits”,  I have learnt many values and they have given me a lot of moral support.

Each day in Purnapramati is a learning, every moment spent with my colleagues here is a new experience. I feel very lucky to serve in this ‘Purnapramati’ family which has helped me to face challenges and to be more confident in my life.

Gouri -Teacher

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